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About Linda

CP Exam Prep, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida, has developed a program to help students receive NALA certification after taking the CP exam just one time. Our successful program is due to our founder and lead instructor, Linda. She began working in the legal field in 1972. After gaining her own certification, she wanted to offer a class where students could thoroughly prepare for the CP exam anywhere across the country.

Exam Prep Options

Today, Linda is a CP employed by a national, top 100 AV-rated firm. In addition to having run a local paralegal associations' review and study course for a number of years, she provides private tutoring. After many requests, she searched the internet for online courses and was surprised to discover very few options. One was for her local association and the other was the local university.

Linda's Journey

Linda first decided to take the NALA paralegal certification examination because she wanted a prospective employer to recognize her abilities and value her paralegal skills. Upon studying for the exam, she quickly realized how difficult it would be to pass without guidance. The local paralegal association offered a 10-week study course that she hoped would be helpful.

Legal Books

The Need For Help

The instructors were various paralegals in the community who volunteered their time. Some of the instructors handed out the outline they prepared when they took the review and then read the materials in the chapter. Linda wanted more in-depth coverage of the materials and an understanding of why it was important to the test.

Linda Nottestad

Linda's Downfall

Other instructors simply reviewed the questions at the end of chapters and then simply answered them. This teaching style neither prepared Linda nor gave her the ciritical skills necessary to pass the test.   After all, the answers are provided in the back of the manual. Upon taking the mock exam at the end of the program, she was devastated to have failed every section of the test.  She felt like she wasted 10 Saturdays and was no more ready to take the exam than when she started.

She Rose Again

About a month after taking the official exam, Linda learned that she had passed. She credits that success to her own style of prep work, so when the local association started the next review class, she volunteered to help teach it. She wanted to help other students prepare so that they too could pass the examination. She did not want others to have classroom experiences like hers.

Our Founding

Linda decided to approach her classes in the same way she developed while she studied for the exam—by discussing and dissecting each question until she understood the answer and how she discovered it. It quickly became apparent to her that the students not only learned and remembered more when this approach was used, but that they actually enjoyed participating in the class.